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Chris Baxter

Iowa City, IA

Creative dancing monkey tickling the fancy of fellow geeks

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Creative dancing monkey tickling the fancy of fellow geeks

Life-long artist and die hard nerd for all things comic book, sci-fi, horror and fantasy related stuff. I love new ideas and fiction is a wonderful outlet to play in. I will always make mine Marvel but I read all sorts of comics and such, just partial to the MU (sorry not sorry DC fans). In particular I hope you enjoy the True Believer series I've been working on. Inspired by all of the years I've let my brain rot to ALL of the Marvel comics and the good things brought to us by Stan Lee and everyone else.

When I'm not making fun stuff I do my best to be a super dad for my family. I started up Gamma Bomb to be an outlet for the fun ideas that randomly pop up in my head and to help me take care of my daughter (and hopefully baby 2.0 soon). I know the name may scare some of you but don't. While I am a big fan of the Hulk a lot of our science fiction can be attributed to the advent of the atomic bomb, in particular Godzilla and the Pandora's box we opened when one was set off. Its a truly horrible thing but there's a bright side to everything and the countless possibilities for sci-fi and fantasy that have awoken in our minds is the silver lining. Gamma Bomb truly is going to be a celebration of imagination that I hope to take as far as I can.

Would love to see my designs in the wild so please tag me on your posts so I can like and follow all of you wonderful people! Thanks for stopping by and keep on inventing a better world.